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"Renowned for creating breathtaking bridal gowns, Karen Willis Holmes’s exquisite handcrafted detailing and timeless sophistication translates to the dreamiest of wedding attire."

"KAREN WILLIS HOLMES has been a front-runner in the bridal gown category for over twenty years now. With everything from silk slips to pant suits, you'll be spoilt for choice. "

"With almost 20 years experience in the industry, we trust their advice and guidance in such an important time."

"An undisputed queen of Australian bridal fashion. Karen Willis Holmes is one of the greats. She's THE Australian powerhouse designer. "

"The best quailty wedding dresses Vogue Brides has ever seen."

"One of Sydney's most established bridal designers."

"One of Australia’s most popular choices for bridal wear."

"KAREN WILLIS HOMES dresses are sophisticated and come with a decent price tag — a rare combination."

"Beautifully handcrafted, Karen Willis Holmes gowns allow a bride to truly represent who she is."

"Online marketplaces such as Karen Willis Holmes are helping consumers find second-hand, affordable alternatives to the luxury bridal market. "

"Times are changing, and forward-thinking labels like Karen Willis Holmes are changing with them. The premium bridal designer has created a new platform, Pre-Loved by Karen Willis Holmes. "

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