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Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Elegant and picturesque, long sleeve wedding dresses are always a beautiful look.

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Long Sleeve

Elegant and picturesque, long sleeve wedding dresses are always a beautiful look.

Part of the allure of wedding dresses with sleeves is that depending on length, fabric and design they can say so many different things.

Throughout the KAREN WILLIS HOLMES dress collection we feature statement, bell sleeve wedding dresses; delicate, cap sleeve wedding dresses; sleeved beaded wedding gowns; and sheer long sleeve lace wedding dresses among others.

The versatility in looks that you’ll find means you can pick a gown featuring sleeves that perfectly matches the style of your wedding.

Sophisticated winter weddings might call for a simple long sleeve crepe wedding gown, while an outdoorsy fall theme might have you loving an illusion, formfitting lace sleeve wedding dress.

Regardless of the season of your wedding or where it’s being hosted, we say do what makes you feel the most confident.

So don’t feel locked in to a look just because of the weather or where your event is being held; we’ve seen just as many glowing brides rocking a sheer sleeve on a beach as we have walking down the aisle in a fully beaded short sleeve wedding dress.

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