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Our LUXE gowns are a series of beaded and sequined, luxury wedding dresses that let you dazzle on your wedding day and set you apart from the traditional bridal look.

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A capsule collection of five new, intricately hand-beaded and embellished wedding gowns to the LUXE Collection.

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The LUXE collection is the true embodiment of what it means to be a KAREN WILLIS HOLMES bride; individuality, uniqueness and being unapologetically true to yourself. Our LUXE gowns are a series of beaded and sequined, luxury wedding dresses that let you dazzle on your wedding day and set you apart from the traditional bridal look.

The magic is in the details and fit of the LUXE line— each gown is hand beaded into distinctly intricate patterns onto bias cut fabric which gives these dresses their signature flattering beauty. A LUXE wedding dress is for the bride who’s searching for something different, a gown that truly showcases her personality and makes her feel special while still being herself.

The gowns in this collection are comfortable and movable, the lining is made from luxurious stretch fabric so they’re perfect to dance all night in which is why plenty of our brides who are opting for two wedding dresses choose a LUXE dress as their second look for their reception.

The heavily beaded nature of these gowns gives a feeling of substance when wearing a LUXE dress and an incredible finish to the silhouette; the dresses in this line feel as though they’re being pulled across your shape and hugging every curve. (Not to mention, the beaded fabric looks unbelievably beautiful when paired with one of our detachable trains.)

Whether you lean towards matte embellishment or a shimmering statement, each LUXE wedding gown strikes a different feeling; art deco patterns, boldly designed details, elegant beadwork and eye-catching sequins.

The gowns from this collection can take on whatever tone you wish them to have and are truly versatile, the same styles have looked incredible outdoors in a whimsical garden and just as beautiful in an industrial warehouse.

Because each gown in the LUXE collection has its own distinctive design elements, there’s always a dress to work for your unique wedding day. From high necklines, long sleeves and fitted silhouettes, to plunging V-necks, sleeveless gowns and softer skirt shapes, each luxury gown in this line allows brides of all styles to wear the beaded wedding dress of their dreams.

Many of our KAREN WILLIS HOLMES brides have worn a LUXE dress for stunning rustic weddings in the summertime and just as many have looked gorgeous wearing one in an elaborate ballroom in the middle of winter. Whichever way you choose to show off your LUXE gown – minimalist or vintage, bohemian or classic – when the light hits your dress the effect is incredible.

These gowns truly make you shine, picture yourself on your day surrounded by candlelight, sunlight, or glimmering chandeliers, the eye-catching nature of these sequined beauties is breathtaking in photos and in person.

The LUXE Collection is designed in Australia and hand beaded and crafted by master artisans in India. Each gown in this collection is part of a limited quantity which is part of their allure— you’ll be one of few brides in the world who get to wear your particular dress.

One of the most incredible things about our line of luxury wedding dresses is that they are ready-to-wear, so for brides with a shorter timeline, it means you can still walk down the aisle in the dress of your dreams. Visit one of our five bridal boutiques if you’re loving this line and our incredible stylists will help you find the perfect one for you and your day.


About the Brand

Australian wedding dress designer KAREN WILLIS HOLMES has been at the forefront of bridal fashion since being established in 2000, providing beautifully designed and handcrafted wedding gowns for the elegant, modern and timeless bride. Our team is based in both Australia and New York and every one of our staff is dedicated to our company’s mission and the brides we have the pleasure of working with. Our goal is to always create a one-of-a-kind, personal and genuine experience for brides when finding their perfect wedding dress.

Read more about KWH here.

How do I Try on a KWH Dress?

You can visit one of our KAREN WILLIS HOLMES boutiques or a stockist who carries KWH gowns.

We have four boutiques across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We also have a flagship boutique in Soho, New York. The details of each boutique are located below:


Sydney Flagship Emporium

9 Doody St Alexandria, NSW

Ph (02) 8338 1078


Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 5:30pm

Sat – 9am – 5:30pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed

Melbourne BOOK HERE

1010 High Street, Armadale, VIC

Ph (03) 9509 0454


Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 5.30pm

Saturday – 9am – 5.30pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed

Brisbane BOOK HERE

32 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, QLD

Ph (07) 3368 2216


Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 5.30pm

Saturday – 9am – 5.30pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed


309 Newcastle St, Northbridge, WA

Ph (08) 9381 5551


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 10- 5.30pm

Thursday – 10 – 7pm

Saturday – 9 – 5pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed


7 Centre Market Place (Between Broome & Grand Streets)

New York NY 10013

Ph. 646 912 9298


Tuesday – Friday – 11am – 7pm

Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Sunday & Monday – Closed

We are also stocked across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore.  For a detailed list of stockists, visit Stockist Locations.

What’s the Price Range?

The cost of a KAREN WILLIS HOLMES wedding dress ranges from AUD $2,190 to AUD $13,000. For the average cost of each collection, see below. 

The ELOPE collection ranges in price from $590 to $5,290.

The LUXE collection ranges in price from $2,500 to $3,790.

The WILD HEARTS collection ranges in price from $2,190 to $2,990.

The BESPOKE collection ranges in price from $2,500 to $13,000.

The CURVE collection ranges in price from $2,390 to $3,290.

What Size Samples do you Have & What is the Size Range of your Collections?

For the ELOPE collection the size range is AUS/ UK 4 – 16 | US 0 – 12 and we have size AUS/UK 10 | US 6 samples in store for you to try on.

For the LUXE collection the size range is AUS/ UK 4 – 16 | US 0 – 12 and these gowns are sold on a first come first serve basis. In our NYC boutique our samples are a size US 6.

For the WILD HEARTS collection the size range is AUS/ UK 4 – 16 | US 0 – 12 and we have size AUS/UK 10 | US 6 samples in store for you to try on.

For the BESPOKE collection the size range is AUS/ UK 4 – 16 | US 0 – 12 and we have size AUS/UK 10 | US 6 samples in store for you to try on.

For the CURVE collection the size range is AUS/ UK 14C – 24C | US 10C – 20C and we have size AUS/UK 16C | US 12C samples in store for you to try on. We also have a travelling set of 24C size samples in selected styles. Please contact your boutique prior to your appointment so we can arrange these samples to be in store for your appointment.

I Don't Live Near a KWH Boutique or Stockist, How can I Purchase a KWH Gown or Obtain Expert Advice?

If you don’t live near a KWH boutique, contact our customer service team directly and we will have a solution for you to secure your dream gown. Our team can also offer you styling advice via phone or email. Feel free to contact them on +61 2 9519 3901 or

What if I Have a Short Timeline?

We do carry stock of some gowns in-house, or we can sometimes make an ELOPE or BESPOKE gown in much shorter timeframes if we have all the fabric and time in our production calendar to fit your order in. As well, our LUXE line is a ready-to-wear line which means we can work with a shorter time frame as long as your desired gown is in stock. While we can work with shorter time frames, we always recommend a longer timeline, as having a shorter one will limit what is available to you.

If you have a short time frame, please contact us on or + 61 2 9519 3901 to discuss your options.

Will I Need Alterations?

Alterations are expected and essential for the finishing touches to any gown and will make the gown truly yours. When purchasing a gown, we take your body measurements to help determine the closest standard size to your body based on our size chart. However, alterations are needed to fine-tune for fit and to your personal preference. Whether that means taking in a gown to make it smaller for your hips, bust, or waist (or maybe everywhere), adding cups, shortening straps, hemming the length, and adding in the bustle for your train, alterations are a standard part of the whole process.

How do I Style a LUXE Wedding Dress?

Our LUXE gowns look fabulous when paired with our veils and detachable trains. Adding a veil or train to your beaded gown can create a duality of edginess and softness and create a truly ‘bridal’ feel for your ceremony. 

What is a LUXE Wedding Dress?

Our LUXE wedding gowns are beaded wedding dresses with stretch lining underneath. Each LUXE dress is hand beaded and ready to wear. These gowns define what it means to be a contemporary bride and can be styled to fit any venue or setting. 

Where can I try on KWH LUXE Dresses in Person?

Have you fallen in love with one of our handmade wedding dresses? We have boutiques across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and a flagship boutique in New York where you can work with our dedicated bridal stylists and try on your KWH favourites. You can also visit one of our many stockists across the globe if our boutiques are not in your area. 

What is the Lead Time for a LUXE Dress?

Gowns from the LUXE collection are sold from stock or available for pre-order. Due to the nature of this collection the gowns are sold on a first come first serve basis.

What do I Wear Under a LUXE Dress?

The beauty of a LUXE gown is that beading hides most seam lines. If you’re choosing to wear shape wear we always recommend getting something that goes to the waist and doesn’t peek out if your gown has a low back. Have a look at our Journal entry about shape wear here for our stylist’s expert advice.

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