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Wedding Dress Trends 2024: Bridal Elegance and Fashion Forward Styles

Importance of staying updated with wedding dress trends


Welcome to our guide to the most anticipated wedding dress trends of 2024. As a bride-to-be, you want to look and feel your best on your special day, and staying on top of the latest bridal fashion trends is key. In this article, we will delve into the most fashion-forward styles that so many designers have created to dominate the wedding season in 2024. 

In the bridal world, fashion is ever-evolving, updating and recycling trends. Bridal fashion is no exception to this. As a bride-to-be, staying updated with trends allows you to explore new styles, find inspiration, and make informed choices when it comes to selecting your dream wedding dress.

 Let’s dive into the exciting world of wedding dress trends for modern brides of 2024!



The Phoebe & Mila is the ultimate sculptural wedding dress. The Phoebe Bodice features a stunning hand draped Organza fan paired with the Mila Skirt which features multiple layers of organza.

S H O P   P H O E B E  &  M I L A



Overall Theme and Mood


In 2024, bridal fashion will embrace a captivating blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. The overall mood reflects sophistication, individuality and romance. Bridal Designers are infusing their collections with a fresh take on classic silhouettes, incorporating unique elements, and creating gowns that exude confidence and charm. Brides can expect to find a range of styles that perfectly capture their personal aesthetic and vision for their big day.



Annika & Sophia is for the romantic bride. Annika bodice features hand sewn lace floral detailing over a sheer corset paired with the soft and flowy Sophia skirt that features a georgette drape.

S H O P   A N N I K A  &  S O P H I A



Fabric Innovations


Fabric is a vital aspect to consider for any wedding gown, in 2024 we are pushing the boundaries with innovative choices. Expect to see the introduction of new fabrics that offer unique texture, draping, and movement. These fabric innovations elevate the beauty and quality of wedding dresses, ensuring a breathtaking look and feel.



Gabriella is a wedding dress that exudes romance. Gabriella Features a corseted sweetheart Bodice with built in cups, and hand embroidered floral detail, and a soft tulle A-line skirt.

S H O P  G A B R I E L L A



Silhouettes and Cuts


A wedding dress silhouette is a significant part of defining the overall look and feel of a gown. In 2024, brides can choose from a range of silhouettes that suit their style and body shape. 

Classic silhouettes like A-line and ball gown are reimagined with modern twists, offering regal simplicity and statement sleeves, respectively. 

For the fashion-forward bride, mini dresses and pantsuits make a chic and bold statement. The options are endless, ensuring that every bride finds her perfect silhouette.

The timeless A-line silhouette gets a modern update in 2024 with clean lines and regal simplicity. Expect to see minimalist A-line gowns with sleek bodices and flowing skirts, creating an elegant and understated look. These dresses embrace simplicity while exuding sophistication.

To read more about our ultimate guide to silhouettes and cuts read our blog below:
Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Styles & Silhouettes for your shape



Styled with our Lizzie Train, the Evie & Neve Mini gown is classic with a modern flair. The Evie Bodice features a stunning scoop neckline and detachable drape to complement your décolletage with statement pipe boning lines for that touch of drama. The Neve Mini Skirt is the perfect match for brides who love a modern twist.

S H O P   E V I E   &   N E V E  M I N I 



Embellishments and Details


In 2024, floral embellishments and bloom on wedding dresses, bringing the beauty of nature to the bridal ensemble. From 3D floral appliques to embroidered blooms, these designs add a whimsical and organic touch to gowns. Capture the essence of a blooming garden and embrace your feminine side with this trend.

Bridal gowns in 2024 are adorned with exquisite embellishments and intricate details that add dimension, depth and personality to the design. Handcrafted elements, personalized touches, and unique embroidery techniques create one-of-a-kind gowns that reflect the bride’s individuality. Three-dimensional textures and appliqués bring depth and dimension to the dresses, adding a touch of whimsy and enchantment.



Ines & Avery is a modern statement wedding dress. Featuring a statement Bow on the bodice, paired with a beaded column shaped skirt and our detachable lindy train.

S H O P   I N E S  &  A V E R Y 



Necklines and Sleeves


Necklines play a crucial role in framing the face and accentuating the bride’s décolletage. In 2024, expect to see a variety of neckline trends, from plunging V-necks and elegant high necklines to romantic off-the-shoulder styles and ethereal illusion designs. Brides can choose a neckline that flatters their figure and complements their personal style, creating a captivating and alluring look.

Sleeves are another focal point in wedding dress trends for 2024. Long sleeves continue to become increasingly popular and charm brides to be with their timeless elegance, while short sleeves bring a touch of modernity. Many brides are wanting variety, and we will be seeing more detachable sleeves to achieve multiple looks from one gown.

Edwardian sleeves make a statement, adding volume and drama to the overall look or choosing intricate lace or sheer fabric sleeves like a georgette to create fairy tale inspired looks with a contemporary edge. Brides can express their style through various sleeve styles, ensuring a unique and memorable bridal ensemble. 



Roberta & Julianne is a classic wedding gown. The Roberta bodice features a long drop waistline with piping detail and detachable Evie drape and long puff Edwardian sleeves. Paired with the Julianne skirt which features a full ballgown silhouette.

S H O P   R O B E R T A  &  J U L E S



Colour Palette


While white has long been the traditional colour for a wedding dress, 2024 introduces emerging fun colour trends for brides seeking something different. Soft pastels, blush tones, and even bolder hues are making their way onto the bridal fashion scene. These alternative colour choices allow brides to express their personality and add a contemporary twist to their wedding dress.



The Victoria Bodice features a stunning scoop neckline with off-shoulder draping and chantilly lace hand sewn over a sheer corset for a touch of sexiness, paired with the Victoria Mini Skirt and our Lizzie train.

S H O P   V I C T O R I A  M I N I



Fashion-Forward Styles


Jumpsuits and Pant Suits: Modern Chic

For the fashion-forward bride who dares to challenge tradition, jumpsuits and pant suits are making waves in 2024. These sleek and modern alternatives to traditional gowns exude confidence and sophistication. Embrace your individuality and make a bold statement with this contemporary trend.

We can’t help but suggest our ultimate set of the Clara Bralette & Martha Pants styled with the Charlie Jacket to top off your modern day.


Clara Bralette & Martha pant is a two piece modern bridal look. The Clara bralette features a sweetheart cupped neckline paired with our wide leg Martha pants and statement Bow train.

S H O P   C L A R A   &   M A R T H A  P A N T S



High Splits: Leggy Glamour 


In 2024, high slits take wedding dresses to new heights of allure. Whether on a sheath, soft Aline or a mermaid silhouette, thigh-high slits add an unexpected element of sexiness and drama. Perfect for the bride who wants to showcase her legs and statement shoes.



Styled with our Denisa 3D Floral Sleeve, the Rhianna & Jules gown. The Rhianna Bodice features a classic shape and modern floral embroidery. Paired with the Jules Skirt with high statement side-split in a soft tulle fabric.

S H O P   R H I A N N A  &  J U L E S



As you prepare to walk down the aisle, keep these wedding dress trends of 2024 in mind to ensure you make a lasting impression on your special day. Classic silhouettes with modern twists offer timeless elegance, while unique design elements bring a touch of individuality. For the fashion-forward bride, embrace jumpsuits and pant suits or daring high slits. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a wedding dress that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Happy shopping and best wishes for an unforgettable wedding day!

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