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28 Best Wedding Planner Books for 2024 (Australia)

Together Journal wedding Planner displayed on table

28 of the Best Wedding Planner Books for Brides

Is your Google search history looking something like this..? “How to stay organised when planning your wedding.” “What’s the best wedding planner book for me?” “Wedding planner book, Australia.”

Planning your wedding can be a tough thing to navigate. Even the most organised and inspired bride can find herself losing track of all those little details or having a hard time sticking to a planned budget. One of the best tools to solve your wedding planning worries is a wedding planner book. We not only love the idea of it helping you stay on track, but the beautiful keepsake that a tool like this becomes once you’re done. Read on to discover the best wedding planner book for you and your specific wedding.

Real bride Caroline with husband Tom on wedding day, wearing the Taryn Camille gown with custom bow; a modern a-line wedding dress by Karen Willis Holmes.

Your wedding day will be filled with countless happy memories, joyous laughs, and emotional moments.

The beauty of that? It will be documented through your photographer (and videographer if you’ve opted for one!) and your guests’ candid pics of you and your nearest and dearest. But what about before that? Somewhere in between all of the excitement of getting engaged, your potential engagement photos, and the big day you can’t wait for, a ton of things happen. When you’re planning a wedding, so many happy moments you’ll want to remember unfold; as they say, so much of the fun is in the journey.

So how can you document those special moments? Moments with your future spouse, your girlfriends, your siblings, and family. Those special times where you and your bridesmaids are dreaming about your big day and all of the details that go along with planning… How can you document that in a way that you can have forever? A way to look back and smile at all the joy the journey to your big day brought you?

We recently delved deep into the best wedding planning apps to help you leave no stone unturned before your wedding day. During that process of scouting the best ways to help you plan, we also came across some beautiful wedding planner books and we couldn’t get enough of the thought of having a keepsake from the period of your planning so you can look back on not only your wedding but all of the decisions and nuances that brought you there too.

Custom bow on real bride Caroline's Taryn Camille wedding dress by Karen Willis Holmes.

So, what is a wedding planner book? What is in a wedding planner book? What does having one and using it entail?

Well, no two wedding planner books are made equally, which is why it’s important to take a peek at all your options so you can see which one appeals to you the most. Are you more budget-focused? Are you someone who’s to-the-point or do you love the small details and all those little extras? From timeline checklists to charts for guest lists, table planning and seating arrangements to helping you define your style through mood boards, there are countless ways that these books can become custom tools that are exactly what you need to stay on track.

We’ve done some hunting around for the best wedding planner book and we can’t wait to share them all with you, so you can find your favourite and begin your planning journey. (If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous and sentimental engagement gift, that has the benefit of being a tool to help your friend or loved one organise their upcoming special day, this could be the perfect option for you too!)

A Wedding planner book for Australian and international brides-by wedding magazine Together Journal and stationery company An Organised Life

TJ x AOL Planner by Together Journal
Perfect for brides who love a touch of sophistication.

Shop the planner on our E-boutique

Our favourite planner book has elegance written all over it, cover to cover, and everything in between. All of the organisational tools you could ask for plus a sophisticated vibe we know our brides will love.

This collaborative production by An Organised Life founder, Beck Wadworth, and Together Journal’s Editor, Greta Kenyon, is a fusion of style and function, the ultimate modern guide for brides and grooms to help them arrange a celebration with maximum style and minimum stress.

Be stress-free with tracking for budgeting, vendors, guests, and everything else you could dream of.

Available to purchase online and in our boutiques shortly.

Wedding Plants - Planning Book

Wedding Plans – Planning Book by Ivory Tribe

Perfect for the planner who needs a little calm among the chaos.

This guide is the ultimate keep sake who wants to take their planning seriously, but not find themselves overwhelmed by the road ahead. This 128 page planner features an all inclusive, gender-neutral guide (we love that!) with themes and sections to keep you on track!

It is the perfect planner to document your journey and leave you feeling on top of the world.


2022 Wedding Planning Guide Hello May

The 2022 Wedding Planning Guide by Hello May

For the bride who wants to know it all!

We adore this book for so many reasons but perhaps the biggest one is the beautiful balance Hello May has managed to strike with their wedding planner book. This option has everything you could ask for; interview with top vendors, quizzes to inspire your planning, guidance for almost every part of your wedding , and so much more!

With 160 pages of expert advice, all in this gorgeously designed compendium, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever could have lived without it!

A Practical Wedding Planner by Meg Keene

A Practical Wedding Planner by Meg Keene
Perfect for budget-conscious brides.

If you’re a bride who’s to-the-point and budget-conscious, this wedding budget planner book will be great for you. This book will help you set a financial blueprint and stick to it and have your wedding truly feel like you and your spouse through the use of checklists and helpful advice on how to choose your most important vendors.

The budget savvy wedding planner and organiser by Jessica Bishop

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer by Jessica Bishop
Perfect for visual-minded brides sticking to a budget.

Another wedding budget planner book for our brides looking to stay on track with their spending (because we all know just how easy it is to get carried away). This book helps you to identify your priorities with incredible and perfectly thought out worksheets. Jessica Bishop knows it’s so much easier to stick to something when you write it down and when you have a physical reminder.

Simple wedding planner by Kmart

Wedding Planner by Kmart

Perfect for the bride on the hunt for a simple wedding book that will help planning.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive book that still looks stunning and will get the job done, the Australian made wedding planner book Kmart puts out is the answer you’ve been waiting for. The Kmart wedding planner book won’t break the bank but still looks as aesthetically beautiful as some other more expensive options. It has tabs upon tabs of sections for your lists of guests, vendors, and more.

Customisable wedding planner by Zazzle

Farmhouse Fresh Rustic Wedding Planner by Zazzle

Perfect for a fun, down to earth bride who works best by thinking in terms of timelines.

From colourful stickers to floral foliage vibes, if you’re a fun bride having a casual, rustic, or boho wedding then this option will be perfect. Aside from the aesthetics, this wedding planner book helps to break things down in terms of the timeline (weekly and monthly) to keep you on track and make sure no details are missed.

Say I Do Wedding Planner by Smythson

Say I Do Wedding Planner by Smythson

Perfect for a bride who loves luxury and knows what she wants from her wedding.

If you’re searching for a gorgeous and luxurious leather wedding planner book, look no further than this Smythson option. For brides who just want a place to write their thoughts down, create their own lists, and do things their way with just a hint of guidance instead of having their planning book be too structured, Say I Do is a fantastic choice for you.

The Complete Wedding Planner Book and Organizer by DayWorks

The Complete Wedding Planner Book and Organizer by DayWorks

Perfect for the structured bride who wants it all.

This book does all the work for you! Countless tabs, breakdowns of every and all components for your big day and built in folders to hold any pieces of inspiration or business cards from your vendors. This spiral bound book says elegance and organisation.

Splosh Wedding Planner

Splosh Wedding Planner by Myer

Perfect for simple brides looking to stay on track.

Budget check-lists, spaces for list-making, and sections for every component of your wedding, this soft planner by Splosh through Myer is the perfect gift for bride who likes to keep things simple. With soft watercolour florals, modern patterns and stunning handwritten script, this is everything you need for your big day.

A5 Wedding Planner Almond: Celebration

The Celebration Wedding Planner by Kikki-K

Perfect for stylish brides that love a good checklist. 

Kikki-K’s adorable wedding organiser, is a spiral bound beauty with checklists, folders and countdown to-do lists that we know our brides love. Don’t miss out on what you should be doing (as told by the experts, of course) a year out all the way to the night before your big day!

And for brides who are a bit more budget conscious, the Always Better Together planner, also by Kikki-K is the perfect alternative!

Customisable Wedding Planner by WickedBride on Etsy

Personalised Wedding Planner by WickedBride

Perfect for gifts, or a beautiful memento for years to come.

We adore this personalised wedding planner book. It boasts a modern feel, the ability to customise your colour, and add your names and wedding date. Not only is it beautiful, making it an amazing bridal shower or engagement gift… if you’re a bride getting it for yourself, it’s so comprehensive, with sections for absolutely everything you’ll need on your planning journey.

Stuff Every Bride Should Know By Michelle Park Lazette On Etsy

Stuff Every Bride Should Know by Michelle Park Lazette

Perfect for brides seeking expert advice, but might not want to hire a wedding planner.

Do you find yourself wishing you had all the incredible knowledge that comes with hiring a wedding planner, but it just doesn’t seem like the right option for you to do so? This book gives expert advice. A bit different from others on the list, as this is more of a guide with wonderful tips for planning your wedding. It does come with checklists to make sure you’re staying on track, though!

Rose Gold Personalisable Customisable Wedding Planner Blush BGregoryDesign On Etsy

Rose Gold, personalised wedding planner by BGregoryDesign

Perfect for romantic brides.

Another lovely personalised wedding planner book that is fully customisable. This is a godsend for brides who are timeline focused; with tons of calendars and checklists for your timeline a year out, 6 months out and so on. With sections for budgeting as well, you’ll have absolutely everything you need in the run-up to your wedding day in this wedding planner checklist book.

Equally Wed LGBTQI Wedding Advice Planner by Kristen Palladino

Equally Wed by Kirsten Palladino

Perfect for LGBTQ+ couples.

A wedding planner book for gay couples and for all those in the LGBTQ+ community is so very necessary and needed. This incredible book has tons of advice for LGBTQ+ couples that are navigating their way through wedding planning. Questions come up that same-sex spouses might not face, such as whether or not to invite your unsupportive family member. Advice in handling those tricker situation from experts is not only a wonderful present for your newly engaged friend, but an incredible gift to yourself if you’re needing a guide through your planning process.

I Do Wedding Planner Journal by Kate Spade New York

I Do Bridal Journal by Kate Spade New York

Perfect for the DIY bride that wants a keepsake, but doesn’t need the extras.

If you are, or your newly engaged friend is, a sentimental person who loves keepsakes, then a do-it-yourself wedding planner book is such a wonderful thing to have. This Kate Spade beauty makes for a gorgeous memory for years to come but doesn’t tell you how to plan your wedding or what to write. With loads of lined pages, if you’re a list maker who has a clear plan and no trouble staying organised on her own, this is perfect for you.

Personalised Wedding Planner Book

Personalised Wedding Organiser Book by TheGiftStudioCompany

Perfect for the scrapbooking/visual bride.

If the best way you think things through is by drawing something out, this Etsy option is perfect for you. With space to doodle your tables, and areas to scrapbook in your mood board ideas and visuals, this personalised, do-it-yourself wedding planner book is not only beautiful, but also practical and functional.

All the Essentials Wedding Planner by Alison Hotchkiss, perfect for the bride looking for guidance from an expert planner

All the Essentials Wedding Planner by Alison Hotchkiss

Perfect for the bride looking for guidance from an expert planner.

This wedding day planner book was put together by a wedding planner, so you can trust she knows a thing or two about the lead up to your big day. With templates, sample floor plans and to-do lists, she’s thought of absolutely everything you need to plan.

Customised Wedding Planner Book by PaperPeachShop, perfect for a hyper-organized and modern bride

Customised Wedding Planner Book by PaperPeachShop

Perfect for a hyper-organised and modern bride.

Absolutely packed with vendor categories, tabs for all aspects of your wedding and every to-do list you could dream of, this customised wedding planner book is incredible for those amazing brides who take on their planning with a headstrong attitude. This definitely will help you to get the max out of your wedding planning, and not miss a single detail.

Little White Book by littlewhitebooks, perfect for brides out for the memories, and who want to ease themselves in 

Little White Book by littlewhitebooks

Perfect for brides in it for the memories, and who want to ease themselves in.

From the tone of this book aesthetically, to the way it guides you through planning, this simple wedding day planner book helps to calm the chaos that wedding planning can become. Start by writing your memories of your engagement so that you never forget a single detail (what you were wearing, the exact words you said), and have fun with this books’ foolproof first steps guide, before delving in deeper.

Future Mrs Wedding Planner and Journal by FLUYTCO, perfect for the modern bride who thinks of everything

Future Mrs Wedding Planner and Journal by FLUYTCO

Perfect for the modern bride who thinks of everything.

From cards for the bride and groom, to exchange and stickers for your wedding party proposal, to incredible checklists and info-graphics where you can put every single detail for each one of your vendors, this gorgeous, modern wedding planner checklist book has everything you need to get going.

Mrs and Mrs Wedding Planner Book by PurpleTrail, perfect for gifting to your gorgeous bride, or to yourself before you say “I Do!” 

Mrs and Mrs Wedding Planner Book by PurpleTrail

Perfect for gifting to your gorgeous bride, or to yourself before you say “I Do!”

A thoughtful gift for your friend, or a beautiful present to get yourself, the Mrs and Mrs wedding planner book by PurpleTrail is modern, fun and packed with calendars, check list space and spots for research. It’s an incredible guide, but leaves most up to you so you can navigate your way through wedding planning in your own unique way.

The Wedding Planner by NotablePlanners, perfect for brides who want a ton of guidance

The Wedding Planner by NotablePlanners

Perfect for brides who want a ton of guidance.

This wedding planner book is colourful, fun and customisable. We love that you can choose add ons to put into your personalised book, and how they’ve thought of every single detail — even laying out space for all of your dress options!

Bridechilla Field Guide Wedding Planner by TheBridechilla

Bridechilla Field Guide Wedding Planner by TheBridechilla

Perfect for a bride looking to stay calm and collected during wedding planning stress.

With constant reminders to keep your thoughts from getting out of hand, and plenty of space to make your wedding planner book your own, but still guiding you with prompts, this book does it all and then some. We love their question sections too, which help guide you and key you in to important questions for your vendors you may not have thought of originally. It’s like having a girlfriend who’s gotten married and has all the insider knowledge right in your hand!

My Wedding Planner by BlushAndGoldInvites, perfect for a detail oriented modern bride

My Wedding Planner by BlushAndGoldInvites

Perfect for a detail-oriented modern bride.

Fresh, simple, modern. This gorgeous book has sections for everything you could dream of when planning your wedding; spaces for all of your vendor contact info with multiple options for each vendor, spaces for photos to help inspire you, guest lists, budgeting sections, seating arrangements and oh-so much more. This wedding planner book is so well thought out and comprehensive, you’ll have no worries at all when navigating your planning.

The Complete Bridal Planning Journal by The Caledonia Design Co., perfect for timeline focused brides with a fun, feminine aesthetic 

The Complete Bridal Planning Journal by The Caledonia Design Co.

Perfect for timeline focused brides with a fun, feminine aesthetic.

This stunning, floral book is amazing for the timeline-focused bride. Each section maps out a check list for the time leading up to your wedding for all the months you need to plan. With plenty of room for notes too, it’s a perfect tool for brides who want to stay on track, but leave the rest of the planning details up to themselves and do it their own way.

My Little Wedding Book by PearlandMason, perfect for gifting to your engaged friend, and for brides who are detail centric 

My Little Wedding Book by PearlandMason

Perfect for gifting to your engaged friend, and for brides who are detailed centric.

Have you ever stopped to think about what photos will be most important to you on your wedding day? It’s details like this that My Little Wedding Book thinks of for you so that you don’t have to, and you can remain as stress free as possible. With sections for everything, this gorgeous and compact book takes the hassle out of wedding planning, and gives you all the inspiration you need.

The Wedding Planner Checklist by Peter Pauper Press, perfect for the list-maker bride who wants the ultimate wedding planning checklist 

The Wedding Planner Checklist by Peter Pauper Press

Perfect for the list-maker bride who wants the ultimate wedding planning checklist.

We love how concise and compact this gorgeously designed book is. If you’re someone who’s a compulsive list maker in your everyday life, then you’ll love this checklist-centric wedding planner book that has everything from gift registry, to budgeting cost lists.

Printable Wedding Planner Books

Printable Wedding Planner Books

Don’t forget! If you’re looking for some free printable wedding planner book options, check out these awesome checklists from The Knot and WedInspire

Wedding tools for easy wedding planning

If you’re ready to take your wedding planning to the next level, you can check out our Ultimate List of Wedding Planning Checklists! 

And, when you’re ready to begin the journey ahead of your big day, the fun can really start!

Excited to take the next step and book your first bridal appointment? We can’t wait to see you and help you find your dream gown. For a full run down on all the tips and tricks for wedding gown shopping, have a look at our Wedding Dress Shopping Guide.

Feeling in the mood for more ways to prep and plan for your walk down the aisle? Check out our blog on our most recommended wedding planning apps that will make your planning a cinch.


FAQs for Best Wedding Planner Books in Australia

  1. What makes a good wedding planner book?


Good wedding planner books offer a variety of features catering to different preferences, including budget management, detailed planning, and customisation options. They typically include timelines, checklists, and tools for managing guests, budgets, and vendors. These books not only assist with the logistical aspects of planning a wedding but also serve as cherished keepsakes of the journey to the altar. Qualities that make a wedding planner book stand out include customisation options, inclusivity, aesthetic appeal, practical tools and resources, and keepsake value. Inclusivity ensures that every couple can find a planner that resonates with their vision and values, while aesthetic appeal makes the planner something to be proud of. Practical tools such as timeline checklists and vendor interview guides are invaluable for staying organised, and expert advice provides guidance through the planning process. Additionally, budget management tools help couples track expenses effectively to ensure the wedding stays within financial limits while still achieving the desired vision.


  1. Are there wedding planner books suitable for LGBTQ+ couples?

Yes, there are wedding planner books specifically tailored for LGBTQ+ couples, offering guidance and advice to address their unique considerations. One notable recommendation is “Equally Wed” by Kirsten Palladino, which provides a comprehensive guide for same-sex spouses navigating the wedding planning process. This book addresses specific challenges and questions that LGBTQ+ couples may encounter, such as deciding whether to invite unsupportive family members and ensuring the celebration reflects their true selves. “Equally Wed” is celebrated for its inclusivity and relevance, making it an essential tool for LGBTQ+ couples planning their dream wedding with confidence and joy.


  1. Can I find a wedding planner book that focuses on budget management?


Wedding planner books focusing on budget management are readily available to help couples plan their weddings while staying within their financial means. Two standout options are “A Practical Wedding Planner” by Meg Keene and “The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organiser” by Jessica Bishop. “A Practical Wedding Planner” offers tools and advice to set a financial blueprint, ensuring the celebration reflects the couple without overspending. Similarly, Jessica Bishop’s book provides visual aids and worksheets to prioritise expenses and stick to the budget. Both resources guide couples through the planning process, from selecting vendors to executing the final details, reducing financial stress and allowing them to enjoy their special day worry-free. These books are invaluable tools for couples seeking to manage their wedding expenses effectively and make informed decisions throughout the planning process.


  1. Is there a wedding planner book that helps with documenting the journey to the big day?


Wedding planner books go beyond logistical support to document the journey leading up to the big day. “Wedding Plans – Planning Book” by Ivory Tribe is a standout option for couples seeking to capture their wedding journey. Unlike traditional planners, this 128-page book serves as both a practical tool and a sentimental keepsake. It offers an all-inclusive, gender-neutral guide designed to organise every aspect of wedding planning while also preserving emotional and memorable moments. With themed sections and ample space for notes and reflections, it allows couples to document each step toward their special day. Ideal for those valuing the sentimental aspects of wedding planning, this planner book ensures that couples can look back and reminisce about their joyous path to marriage, making it a cherished memento for years to come.


  1. Are there any personalised wedding planner book options?

Personalised wedding planner books offer customisation options like names, dates, and colour schemes, making them ideal for personal mementos or thoughtful gifts. Several options cater to this need, providing both functionality and personalisation. “Personalised Wedding Planner” by WickedBride features a modern design and allows customisation of colours, names, and dates. It covers all aspects of wedding planning comprehensively, doubling as a useful tool and a beautiful keepsake. Another option is the “Rose Gold, personalised wedding planner” by BGregoryDesign, perfect for those who adore elegance. This planner offers full customisation and is particularly suited for brides focused on timelines, with calendars and checklists to streamline the planning process. Additionally, it includes budgeting sections to maintain financial organisation. These personalised choices ensure that your wedding planner reflects your unique style while serving as a memorable souvenir of your journey to the altar.


Real Bride images by Aisling Bourke Photography

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