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KWH real bride Libby walks with Luke through the woods. She wears the effortless Esther wedding dress with aline skirt and strapless bodice.

Libby & Luke

When you think of pure elegance and grace, Libby should now come to mind after you take a look at her romantic wedding day. She captures us all with her radiance as she wears her stunning Esther wedding dress made from a textural honeycomb mesh fabric that creates a slightly translucent effect to the aline skirt, allowing the silhouette of her body to be seen underneath the skirt overlay.  The bodice is structured with a centre pleat, tapering the waist inward by adding extra detail. Libby decided to pair her simple Esther dress from the BESPOKE collection with the detachable mesh collar that goes over the shoulder to create a new look. Isn’t she lovely?

Libby fell in love with her dress at our Melbourne boutique.

Photography by Jess Nicholls

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